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Empower your iPad this summer

Empower your iPad this summer

The Apple iPad is a versatile tool indeed - whether we're lying on the couch at home, taking it with us at work or on the go. But soon the holidays are here. Maybe we want to move our iPad out to the hammock as well, or perhaps entertain the kids or as a travel companion on the trip.

We are here to help!

Take me with you on the trip

To protect your iPad when it is to be packed on the trip it's wise to have a cover or protection. Equally important is charging and if we also need to work, a proper keyboard is something to consider.

Bryde Pro +

Gives you a full-size keyboard along with a trackpad to turn your iPad into a laptop-style workhorse.

Recommended starting prices: €259.99 for iPad Pro 12.9 inches and €169.99 for iPad Pro 11 inches.

Satechi's travel charger with GaN 100W - for everything!

With GaN technology, this charger offers charging to all your devices, up to three at a time. It delivers 100W without even getting that hot and provides charging via two USB-C and one USB-A.

Recommended starting price: €79.99

Satechi's travel charger in a smaller format - 30W directly in the wall socket

If you prefer something smaller on the trip, Satechi's wall charger is a good choice. Charge one device with USB-A and one USB-C with a total of 30 Watt.

Recommended starting price: €29.99

Pipetto Origami - protects with style

Pipetto's case protects your iPad and allows you to easily angle it for the perfect angle for both work and film.


Recommended starting price €54.99 - €79.99 depending on the model.


Alogic iPad Stylus Pen

The Alogic iPad Stylus Pen gives you an iPad controller for drawing or taking notes more faithfully at an unbeatable price. Charged with USB-C.

Recommended starting price €69.99.

Paperlike screen protector - provides more than just protection

Paperlike's screen protector turns your iPad into a colouring book or canvas! A screen protector that feels and looks just like paper - perfect for getting the right feeling when you draw.


Recommended starting price €33.99.

Need to work?

Satechi Aluminum Desktop Stand

With a stand for your iPad, you can get closer to the use of a desktop computer and take your workstation with you anywhere. Gives your iPad any angle and is heavy enough to stand stably at both finger and pen presses. The stand is collapsible and is easy to carry in the bag.


Recommended starting price €49.99.

Twelve South Hoverbar Duo

Gives you a higher swivel stand that allows you to get your hands free by placing it on the desk base or using the shelf clamp to attach it to a table edge. Facilitates video calls and gives you any angle at the desk, the kitchen or in the hammock.


Recommended starting price: €89.99

Do the children miss school?

In addition to the classic streaming on the iPad to make the kids stop kicking the backrest in the car when you are out and about, they can actually learn something as well.

Shifu Plugo

Plugo gives your children learning and play at the same time. With a magnetic play mat, we place the accessories that with physical movements and tiles control adventure and puzzles on the iPad screen.


Recommended starting price, 3-in-1: €119.99. Individual: €59.99.

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