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Environmentally friendly charging in Danish design from UPSTRÖM

Upström Power AdapterUpström Power Adapter

UPSTRÖM provides stylish and practical products that improve the daily charging experience, instead of just consisting of many tangled cables.

In addition to having a high-quality standard and environmental values, their products must last for a long time and be sustainable. Each of their products uses only natural, carefully selected materials to help save the planet and help collect plastic from our oceans.


CIRCULAR is a stylish and smart charger that provides sustainable charging. Circular is available in two versions, a 20W version with a USB-C port and a 30W version with two USB ports, one USB-C and one USB-A. The charger shell is made from completely recycled plastic, and our oceans are saved from 15 PET bottles with every purchase.


• Adaptive power output
• Up to 20W USB-C PD
• Outer shell made of 100% recycled plastic

CIRCULAR - power adapter is an energy-efficient USB charger made from recycled plastic by Danish quality brand UPSTRÖM.

With a USB-C port, the power adapter delivers up to 20W of adaptive power. It provides fast charging to all your USB devices.

UPSTRÖM CIRKULÄR - 30W USB-Power adapter with double ports
  • Adaptive power output

  • Up to 30W USB-C PD  

  • Up to 18W USB-A 3.2

  • 30W total power output

  • Shell made from 100% recycled plastic

The CIRCULAR wall charger from UPSTRÖM is made of 100% recycled plastic and features two USB ports.

With two USB ports (1x USB-A and 1x USB-C) and delivering a total power of 30 W, this adapter can quickly charge several devices. You can quickly charge several devices by connecting the charger to an electrical outlet.

For every product sold, 15 plastic bottles are collected from the sea and recycled.

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