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Keybudz Give Apple AirTags a Makeover

Apple AirTags work best with a keychain and for this purpose, Keybudz has developed a couple of affordable variants.

Keybudz comes in leather and plastic and there are nine beautiful colours to choose from and come packed in sets of one, two's and four's.

The Keybudz Leather Keychain is handmade in genuine leather and fits just as well on the keychain as on the bag. The AirTags is held in place with the help of a classic metal push button and comes with a key ring to attach your keys directly to it.

Keybudz leather keychain comes alone or in a set of two for the price of €19.99 / 149 DKK for one and €34.99 / 269 DKK for two.


Keybudz Secure Dock is a holder in soft plastic. It comes with a carabiner which is easily attached to the bag or other items you do not want to lose.

Keybudz Secure Dock comes in sets of 2 and 4 pieces where 2-pack is priced at €19.99 / 149 DKK and 4-pack €29.99 / 229 DKK.

Keybudz Secure Dock comes in the same lovely nine colors as leather keychains, namely blue, yellow, orange, pink, red, sand beige, black, tan (brown) and white.

Read more about Keybudz.

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