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Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad Pro enhances your working space

Work wherever you want this summer!

Give your iPad Pro what it deserves and turn it into a desktop workstation with the new Satechi iPad stand and hub.

In this small package, you get a docking station with USB-C PD charging with 60 watts, 4K HDMI with 60Hz, USB-A port to add extra storage and a memory card reader for both Micro SD and traditional SD, as well as a 3,5 mm connector for sound.


By using the Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub, you will easily get the right angle for the iPad, so you get a comfortable working height.

Connect your screen and view your iPads content with up to 4K 60Hz, bring your work on an SD card or external hard drive, and you will have full access to your files while your iPad is charging at the same time. Additionally, you will have a fully functional workstation with two screens if you connect a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub fits all iPad Pros from 2018 or later. The recommended price is €109.99 / 799 DKK / 1 099 NOK.

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